When you have a number that you have to display that’s greater than 10,000, it’s really tempting to hard-code the quantifier so you can shorten the number. Something like `12.6 Thousand`.

That’s all well and good, but we like numbers to grow. What happens when you hit 1 million? You don’t want 1000.1 Thousand showing up on your site. That’s no fun.

This is where Number_to_Human comes to the rescue. It pretty prints a number in a way that is more readable by us humans. For example, 12790000000 becomes 127.9 Million. And the best part? It will automatically switch over to 1.0 Billion when the time is right.

number_to_human(number, options = {})

This helpful helper method gives you lots of customizability too. Things like :precision, :separator, :delimiter, and :units can all be set by passing in custom values in the options hash.

It kinda just works how you would think too. Which is great.

number_to_human(123) # => "123"
number_to_human(1234) # => "1.23 Thousand"
number_to_human(12345) # => "12.3 Thousand"
number_to_human(1234567) # => "1.23 Million
number_to_human(1234567, precision: 1,
                         separator: ',',
                         significant: false) # => "1,2 Million"

Hopefully you can use this to remove hard-coded units from your views.

For full documentation, see the docs.

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