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Andy von Dohren

Papillion, Nebraska | 402.321-5721 |


Detail-oriented individual, looking for a new opportunity to scale past experiences in order to deliver a positive impact.


WP Engine Austin, TX

Senior Engineering Manager, Platform October 2022-present

  – Developed a prioritization strategy to ensure team delivered most impactful work.

 Pushed team members to take on new challenges while providing support to help them overcome their insecurities.

  – Incorporated Google Cloud Platform billing metrics to generate monthly roll-up usage reports.

  – Identify usage anomalies that require intervention to ensure expenditures align with projections.

  – Improved security practices to ensure vulnerabilities are addressed in a timely manner.

  – Provided knowledge and feedback to leadership to develop project roadmaps.

  – Lead decommissioning of .htaccess support across the platform. Providing a critical path forward to modernizing our platform.

Engineering Manager, Platform April 2021-September 2022

  – Lead the maturation of the Flywheel Cloud Platform through prioritizing cleanup of tech debt and automation of maintenance activities.

  – Took on the leadership responsibilities of a second team with the organization. Taking on an additional 6 engineers and expanding my impact within the organization.

  – Participated in division-wide planning sessions to shape the future of the platform within the organization.

  – Kept leaders up to date with project statuses and helped them understand technical trade offs and their impact.

Staff Infrastructure Engineer, Platform October 2019-March 2021

  – Designed and built our next-generation WordPress platform built on Kubernetes.

  – Identified and mitigated issues with operating at scale in a distributed environment.

  – Developed a fully “hands off” process to deploy WordPress infrastructure resources like MySQL databases, filesystems, network routing, and caching automatically.

  – Collaborated with product owners to develop future direction and roadmaps.

  – Provided leadership to our department throughout the acquisition and integration process in 2020 and beyond.

  – Mentored teammates through informal processes to elevate their presence within the organization.

  – Worked with our Technical Account Manager at Google to test early access releases of their products.

  – Executed a year-long strategy that lowered our hosting costs by 50% compared to the previous year.

  – Developed an automated workflow capable of scaling resources for websites based on live usage metrics.

  – Completed a zero-downtime Kubernetes infrastructure realignment project. Resulted in savings of $30,000/mo without impacting customers.

Flywheel (acquired by WP Engine, June 2019) Omaha, Nebraska

Senior Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails October 2018-October 2019

  – Ruby on Rails engineer responsible for rolling out automated support tooling.

  – Worked with a cross-functional team to automate migration of customer websites from our “classic” platform to our next-generation Kubernetes platform.

Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails June 2014-September 2018

  – Joined as eighth employee

  – Implemented many customer facing features:

  – Site snapshot feature that made it easy for customers to clone websites.

  – Automated a previously manual PHP log export process so customers could view logs in near real time.

  – Lead implementation of Organizations feature that allowed groups of people to share access to their websites.

  – Championed “Beer Cheer” Hack Day Project that let customers send our support team a beer.

  – Worked on our billing system to automate and expand our billing capabilities.

Mutual of Omaha Omaha, Nebraska

IS Security Analyst, System Administrator May 2008–February 2014

  – Architect and administer enterprise LDAP systems and infrastructure.

  – Leverage LDAP to facilitate UNIX authentication and authorization management.

  – Analyze data to identify anomalies and gather usage metrics.

  – Identify and document new requirements.

  – Promote good information security habits.


University of Nebraska at Omaha                                                                                   

Omaha, Nebraska — Graduated May 2008

  B.S., Computer Science                                                                

  B.S., Management Information Systems

Omaha Code School                                                                                 

Omaha, Nebraska — Graduated May 2014

  Ruby on Rails Web Development Bootcamp                                              


Platforms:   Kubernetes, Containerization, Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, MySQL, Heroku, Jira

Languages: Go, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS