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I have talked a lot about what we have done in class recently, but I wanted to take a minute and talk about some of the things going on outside of the classroom. Sumeet and Rahul like to keep us on our toes and are always looking for opportunities to introduce us to new people. Here are some of the upcoming events we will be taking part in.

March 5th (Today) @ 6pm – Omaha Mobile Group
The Omaha Mobile Group is having a panel discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of Native vs Mobile Web vs Hybrid development. This group specifically reached out to OCS to make sure we knew we were invited. I think we might have a couple of people from class interested, but the number of people who show up will probably depend on how much homework we have tonight.

March 12th – Field Trip to Grain & Mortar
This is the first opportunity for our class to visit a startup in person. We will be touring Grain & Mortar‘s  space, and talking with them about what they do. We are really looking forward to learning as much as we can during this time.

March 14th @ 4:30 – Open House at Omaha Code School
Omaha Code School is hosting an open house so that anyone interested can come see what we are doing. The event will go till 7:30pm and will have a little to eat, a little to drink, and a little to listen to. This will be a great chance to get to know the students, mentors, and instructors associated with OCS.

March 20th @ 5pm – Beer && Code
This is the first time another developer community will utilize our space at OCS. Beer && Code will be hosting their monthly meetup starting at 5pm. Developers from across the city get together for a tasty beverage and work on some code. If you code, grab your laptop and come out. Bring your own drinks to drink or share. Brix and Beertopia are nearby if you need to pick up something on the way.

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